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Mom Update

I know I've been like a ghost here but as most of you are aware, my mom has been really sick. It's been extremely hard to deal with; for one, because I'm living with my aunt now and am not there to be with her. I feel like I'm missing out on so much and with my sister too. She's growing up so fast and doing so much! And two, I have anxiety disorder and this has done a number with it.

Anyways, here's an update on my mom. I'm not going to post the symptons she's been experiencing because they might be TMI for some people and after hardly sleeping last night, I'm too exhausted to mess with a cut.

My mom finally had her colonoscopy today which is what we were waiting for. Since she is a colon cancer survivor, this really made us nervous. She was originally scheduled to have this next month, but because of the severity of her pain, the doctor moved it up to today, two weeks ago. It's a nice relief to know that some doctors do care and take things seriously. Some just schedule you for a procedure three months in the future and don't give you a second thought.

Since my dad had to work, my mom's friend took her to the clinic this afternoon. My mom has said that having a colonoscopy can be worse than having a baby lol, so she was pretty scared about the pain. Luckily afterwards, she said she didn't feel a thing! I have late class on Thursdays, but my dad txted me that my mom was home. I took a bathroom break and called her. Since she was still a little woozy, she talked to me in Russian. (I usually speak to both my parents in English unless my Grandma is around.) She said that they didn't find anything but still collected some tissue and will send that in for testing. She also said she was tired but was going to lay down for awhile and drink some 7-Up they had sent her home with. My Grandma was there watching my sister so she was not alone if she needed anything.

My mom called me again about an hour ago to tell me the same things...but in English. She had been so out of it that she had no memory of talking to me before, haha. It was cute. She's feeling fine from the procedure but hasn't eaten anything yet. (She couldn't eat anything yesterday because of the prep.) She was just resting and taking it easy.

So the good news is that no pollops or tumor was found. The bad news is, we're back to square one. The doctor said her nurse would call my mom tomorrow to see how she's feeling and to discuss what the next step will be.

That's all I know! I will post more as I get information. I've missed you all and hope you're doing well. I'll try not to be such a stranger, tool keeps reminding me to come back to LJ and she's right!!

All the best,
Krystina. :)
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